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North End, State House, Beacon Hill, and ominous sky from the Longfellow Bridge, taken mid-walk during Saturday’s half-marathon.

North End, State House, Beacon Hill, and ominous sky from the Longfellow Bridge, taken mid-walk during Saturday’s half-marathon.

what i learned about boston this weekend

To entertain each other during the half-marathon (hosted by Anna’s Taqueria) on Saturday, a friend and I made mental notes of different streets, shops, restaurants, and bars we walked past that looked appealing. By the time we reached Beacon Hill (where we essentially earmarked an entire street), we realized that we needed to make visiting these places a reality. I consider myself a local (having lived around Boston since the toddler age), yet most of the following destinations on our to-do list are new to me:

  • Zaftig’s (335 Harvard Street, Brookline) for some amazing Sunday morning brunch.
  • Bar Lola (160 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston) for tapas, sangria and flamenco.
  • Charles Street (Beacon Hill) for some retail therapy, pastries at Cafe Vanille (#70)  and groceries at DeLuca’s (#11)
  • Sweet Cupcakes (49 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston) for satisfying the mid-week sweet tooth.
  • Dalí (415 Washington Street Somerville) for a date night of tapas and a cozy Spanish ambiance off the beaten path.
  • Flour Bakery (190 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge) for a weekday lunch meet up.
  • Drink (348 Congress Street, Boston) for a classy girls’ night out.
  • Chinatown (Boston) for hunting down ingredients to brew up in a hotpot.
  • Shabu Shabu (1 Harrison Avenue, Boston) for when we decide that the hotpot at a critically acclaimed Chinatown restaurant is far superior to a personal rendition.
  • Commonwealth Avenue (Boston), for a Saturday morning stroll whilst “apartment hunting” along the pristine row of Back Bay townhouses.
  • The Middle East Restaurant & Nightclub (472 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge) for a casual night of live music.
  • Union Oyster House (41 Union Street, Boston) for when parents/significant others come to visit.
  • Revere Beach (Revere, along the Blue Line) for the perfect beach days, and because it is close and accessible from the city.
  • Museum of Fine Arts (465 Huntington Avenue, Boston) for the talk of the town: the Alex Katz exhibit.
  • Fin’s (636 Beacon Street, Boston) for sushi cravings, because the shrimp tempura roll (Crazy Maki) is, to date, the best and cheapest in all of Massachusetts.
  • Longfellow Bridge (Boston by MGH) for when I get ambitious and decide to go for a run. Rewards are aplenty though—a view of the Boston skyline, Cambridge, Beacon Hill and the State House.
  • Harborwalk (North End, Boston) for a visit back to long-time favorites.

What are some of your favorite places in Boston?

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