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Apartment Inspiration

I get easily overwhelmed with the amount of seemingly endless “perfect” apartments and houses featured on various blogs and Martha-Stewart-esque websites. Since my new apartment is a rental, I’m hesitant to splurge on major purchases, but seeing as to how I’m away for much of the upcoming auditor’s busy season, I want my apartment to really feel like home for the days I do spend there. I’ve chosen out a bed and blankets (Target makes really affordable pieces that match my tastes perfectly!), but there are still a few more finishing touches I hope to add…the West Elm Parsons desk, a decor mirror, and a nightstand that doubles as a bookshelf.

Any other decorating tips you can offer?

All images from Pinterest.

Some Sunday words of wisdom. Let this help jump-start another week. (via Pinterest)

Some Sunday words of wisdom. Let this help jump-start another week. (via Pinterest)

When I worked for J. Crew, my favorite part was seeing new shipment boxes being wheeled in the back room, spitting out the bright colors of the new season. Usually within three days, the contents are styled, fitted, and pinned to the mannequins and filed into the catalog, reflecting the brand’s favorite color inspirations of the season. Because of the company’s love affair with colorful lifestyles, we were always encouraged as sales assistants to experiment and be creative with color combinations in our outfits. To this day, I am always on the lookout for inspirational color combinations—from paintings, floral arrangements, fashion, other bloggers, and even weather— and Pinterest has been a great tool. My current favorites include the royal purple accents in a recent Anthropologie catalog, the soft juxtaposition of pastels and darks in an image unearthed through Pinterest, the fluorescent and rich pinks and oranges in a painting by Isca Greenfield-Sanders (h/t to Tory Burch), a seafoam green beading on a cloudy gray from a blogger’s outfit (via Glitter Guide).

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